Content Marketing in Business Consulting Niche - Case Study

Content Marketing in Business Consulting Niche - Case Study

In early 2017, a representative of a Canadian consulting company approached us with a request to optimize their website and help with its promotion.

The company itself provides consulting services and before 2017 used the site only as a media instrument for news and information exchange with the users and business environment overall. However, at the end of 2016, the site gained its first conversion and since then the company decided to further develop the web resource so it could get more organic traffic.

Goals set by the client

The main high-level tasks were:

  • to raise brand awareness
  • increase organic traffic

At the early stages of site’s development, our client decided to use only basic and low-budget SEO strategies. Together we determined organic traffic and user engagement statistics as the main KPI factors.

Proposed solution

In order to speed up the work, we decided to start the campaign and development processes simultaneously.

First thing we did was niche and competitors analysis. Although the company's website did not bring much organic traffic, there were no critical issues in architecture and technical optimization on the whole. This is what allowed us to start working on the site immediately.

After completing the niche and competitors research within the set limits, we started to develop and deploy a full-fledged campaign for internal optimization and creation of a new content.

As a result, we selected three key areas of the company to start with:

  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Operational Excellence

The main issues we encountered were:

  • Absence of a well-thought-out site architecture;
  • Lack of content on important landing pages;
  • Lack of landing pages to cover the entire semantic core;
  • No growth of Backlink Profile.

We suggested the client the following solutions to the issues above:

  1. Technical optimization of the site;
  2. Optimization of the site’s structure;
  3. Optimization of the current content;
  4. Implementation of a content strategy to add missing landing pages;
  5. Building external links to improve brand awareness and site's position for targeted queries.

Solution Implementation and scope of work

Google PageSpeed Insights Optimization Score

Throughout the year, two specialists from our team worked on the project together with a customer's company representative. We participated in weekly meetings to achieve the most effective results.

In the process of site’s internal optimization, we managed to correct all technical aspects and thereby doubled the pages’ loading speed and increased the Quality Score from 30 to 70+ points in Google PageSpeed ​​Insights. An SSL certificate was added and configured within the scope of work.

After having created a semantic core, we had determined that each keyword category required from 5 to 10 pages to be fully covered. We identified relevant keywords for each page and drew up a content plan.

All new pages that had been originally the parts of the site’s structure were interlinked during the content publication.

As a result, all new pages were added to the site and indexed by the Google Search Robot by the end of the first quarter of 2017.

External optimization

In the first quarter of 2017, we carried out the basic objectives: increased the brand awareness and built backlinks.

Collaboration with the company representatives helped us collect all necessary information, register client’s company in important business directories and listings, and set up a profile in Google My Business.

Google My Business Profile

As a result, the company's website took the first place in the SERP for the brand query with a display of the following additional data about the company:

  1. Additional links
  2. Map and company profile card
  3. Top stories" section

By the time we fulfilled the abovementioned objectives, the client started to supply us with the first articles for the external optimization. Our task was to select high-quality external sites for placing informational content and building backlinks.

Given the project budget limits and taking into account all external factors, we decided to use the following free services for content posting to build anchor text backlinks:

  • Article directories
  • Sites for topic-related article submission
  • Guest Posting sites
  • Sites for infographics and documents sharing

The main criteria for selection were:

  1. Topic of the site/availability of the relevant section on the site for posting
  2. Site’s organic traffic
  3. Absence of Google SE penalties for the last six months.

Now we can say for sure that this approach has lived up to our expectations. During the next 2 quarters of 2017 we were engaged in building links by posting content that covered all major promotional topics on the selected sites. As a result, all built links were indexed and cached by the search engines.

Referring Domains GraphAhrefs Statistics

At the end of the third quarter of 2017, the initial plan was fully implemented. The analysis of the results confirmed our assumptions, so we decided to proceed to the next stage of expansion and optimization of the site. The client’s company became one of the five hundred fastest growing companies in Canada around this time. It was a fortunate time for our team to join and make the best use of it. The distribution of the relevant press release and news on company’s social media profiles have strengthened the brand and its position in the consulting services market.

Having completed all external optimization objectives, we increased the link profile by 5 times.

Results analysis

Organic Traffic PiesThe first data indicating the project’s growth we got in March. Thanks to the mere basic technical optimization and the increase in the external links volume, we managed to overcome the last year's Organic Traffic record only on the third month of work and move further.

Organic Traffic Graph

In May, the site got three times more traffic than the average one in 2016.

At the end of the third quarter of the year (September 2017), the site got 5 times more organic traffic than the monthly median in 2016. Our team connects further active and rapid growth to the abovementioned nomination in the PROFIT 500 ranking.

We have been observing the traffic growth up until the end of 2017, which reached the maximum in the last quarter of the year in general and in November, in particular.

Organic Search Visits Graph

Specifically in November the site got 6 times more than the average amount of visitors from organic queries in 2016. Having analysed the results of December 2017, we concluded that:

  1. Backlink profile has increased by around 5 times.
  2. The number of relevant keywords in the SERP has doubled (450 vs 996)
  3. Organic traffic has increased by around 5 times and continues to grow. (350/month vs 2300 in November)
  4. The number of keywords in the TOP 10 (the first page of the SERP) increased from 5 branded keys to 60 with a total monthly weight of about 6,000.

What's next?

After meeting all goals and analysing the results, the client has defined a new group of services, so we have started the optimization virtually from a scratch, but only for the new services.

In conclusion, we can definitely say that all site’s optimization goals set by the client have been fulfilled successfully and brought immense results. Based on the results of the final negotiations, we decided to continue our collaboration in the following areas:

  • Site’s development in new niches
  • Promotion and optimization of existing services’ pages
  • Improvement of UI and UX and configuration of traffic quallity tracking system
  • Site’s mobile version optimisation
  • Website optimization consultation for the employees of the client company
  • Instruct the client in the basics of page optimisation.

Further development and promotion also implies the fulfillment of the following objectives:

  • Expansion of the semantic core with relevant queries;
  • Search, studying, and planning of the strategy for client company niche expansion.