About us

Danavero is a leader in providing outsourced software services, application development, and technology solutions.

  • technology consulting and advisory
  • complete end-to-end development
  • 24/7, 365 days of support and maintenance
  • testing and quality assurance

Who We Are

We specialize in creating, customizing, and adopting software solutions and top technologies to drive our customers’ success through expert consulting and hands-on development services.

Danavero’s expertise lies within leading technologies that are defining the competitive landscape of business today.

We operate and structure our engagements through a combination of on-shore and near-shore models; our business and consulting team work with clients in North America, and our development services are delivered by our centers of technological excellence located in Eastern Europe.

What We Do

Danavero offers extensive technological expertise, rooted in a comprehensive service offering and designed to drive customer success. We are an organization with a vast amount of experience in software adoption and engineering, underscored by a track record of delivering complex solutions for a variety of institutional clients. In recent years, we extended our commitment to excellence in engineering with the launch of our integrated services and consulting offering.


We value trust. Trust starts with individuals who trust themselves, their colleagues, and management. From there, we build teams that trust each other and design products built upon our philosophy and values, with our mission always in mind. The products we create deliver the solutions we promise, and with that, we earn our clients’ trust.

We value innovation. Innovation is the compass that guides us. We seek to solve issues that seem unsolvable. We see opportunities where others may see problems.

We are a collaborative culture. We are a winning team. We enthusiastically support one another when help is needed. We encourage growth and development.

We foster talent. We continually reward outstanding individuals and team accomplishments. We invest in developing and managing exceptional talent from diverse backgrounds.

Executive Profiles

Andriy Bibik

Co-Founder, Managing Director

Photo of Andrew Bibik


Andriy is one of the founders and brings his extensive technical knowledge and expertise to this venture. Andriy has more than 20 years of technical industrial experience in all aspects of software development. Throughout his career, Andriy has participated in different roles in a vast variety of projects and industries, including entertainment and games, to telecommunications and large enterprises. Andriy started his career in outsourcing in Kiev, Ukraine, gaining first-hand experience in the business. Later he moved to Dublin, Ireland where he worked for several large and mid-market enterprises. Finally, in Mississauga Canada, Andriy developed his own successful consulting business, which has been in operation for about 10 years.

Dmytro Selentsov

Chief Technology Officer

Photo of CTO Dmytro Selentsov


Meet the strategic mind driving our tech evolution. Dmytro is responsible for the company's technical strategy and product development. He manages the technical department and implements innovations to enhance the technical aspects of the business.

Roman Kachynskyi

Chief Operating Officer

Photo of COO Roman Kachynkyi


Roman is responsible for the overall leadership and strategic planning of the company. With a track record of excellence, he manages day-to-day operations and ensures our company remains agile, responsive, and client-focused.

Olga Kurbatova

Chief Financial Officer

Photo of Olga Kurbatova


Olga oversees the financial management processes of the company. She ensures the financial health of the company, manages budgets, and conducts financial analysis.

Sergiy Dorofeev

Director of Sales

Photo of Sergiy Dorofeev


Sergiy is responsible for managing the sales operations of Danavero. He also plays a key role in building and maintaining relationships with key clients, identifying new business opportunities, and collaborating with other departments to ensure alignment with overall company goals.

Kateryna Osinchuk


Photo of HR Kateryna Osinchuk


Kateryna takes care of HR management. She provides support in recruitment and the development of talented employees within the company.

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