DevOps Consulting

The practice of Development Operations (DevOps) was born from the idea of strengthening the development team by adding to its knowledge and skills of IT infrastructure management. Combining these skills with software development skills in one team results in increasing productivity and development velocity.

The Danavero DevOps team possesses resources and experience in deployment, optimization, and support of development environments. It is also a qualified workforce for software development and quality assurance, to resolve customers’ tasks of any complexity and scope.

Our DevOps Consulting Process Steps

Audit and design

Whether you already have a product development infrastructure or just plan to create one, the first step in DevOps consulting services is assessment.

Our DevOps team provides an audit of existing capabilities and prepares a roadmap for organization development automation and monitoring.

We use business metrics – velocity, efficiency, security, performance, and availability – to assess your current IT capabilities and create an agile transformation plan.

Implementation and testing

After audit and design, our team starts to implement a new process that is based on methods of software development automation and integration with quality assurance practices. DevOps use a technology stack and DevOps tools that help operate and evolve applications quickly and reliably. This approach also enables engineers to independently accomplish tasks. As a result, the team’s velocity increases.

Continuous transformation

Once the new processes, DevOps technologies, and DevOps tools are in place and fully.

Functional, we continue to manage your systems to ensure they remain healthy and well-maintained at all times.

By using business metrics like velocity, efficiency, security, performance and availability, our DevOps team continuously monitors and improves your performance.

DevOps Services


The plan is the initial stage of DevOps services activities and includes components such as production metrics, business requirements, release plans, and security policies.

One of the most important approaches that our DevOps team uses in this stage is Infrastructure as Code (IaC ). This makes the process of software and applications development more flexible, reduces downtime, and provides an overall cost-effective solution for the business.


Create refers to coding and configuring of the software development process. It includes software and configuration design, software coding, and performance development.

Our team uses processes and tools such as continuous configuration automation and containerization. As a result, you can develop more reliable software faster.


The Verify stage corresponds to the quality assurance of the DevOps software release. This step includes all types of software testing – acceptance, regression and configuration testing, security, vulnerability and performance analysis.

The goal of the DevOps team in the Verify phase is to minimize business risks associated with a DevOps software release candidate, employing continuous testing to reach this target.


Packaging is composed of activities such as approval, package configuration, release staging, and holding. The goal of this phase is to automate the process of packaging and publishing software to managed instances across the cloud landscape and to on-premises servers.

The results are code consistency and reproducibility, deployment server integration, and a reliable process of application distribution for the consumers.


The Release stage includes scheduling, provisioning, and deploying software into production and targeted environments. The approach of Danavero DevOps solutions is based on a continuous delivery method according to which software produces in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. This helps reduce the cost, time, and risk of delivering changes by allowing for more incremental updates to applications in production.


Configure activities fall under the operations side of DevOps services. Once software is deployed, there may be additional IT infrastructure provisioning and configuration activities required.

The Danavero DevOps team organizes this stage based on principles of orchestration – a process of automated configuration, management, and coordination of computer systems, applications, and services. This orchestration helps you to streamline and optimize frequently occurring processes and workflows, which can support a DevOps solutions approach and help your team deploy applications more quickly.


During the Monitoring stage, our DevOps team identifies particular issues in specific releases and analyzes their impact on end-users. Our specialists measure indicators like performance of IT infrastructure, production metrics and stats, and end-user requests. Based on these data, our DevOps team prepares recommendations for the next Plan activities required for changes and new release cycles.

Why Choose Danavero

Why Choose Danavero

  • Our team offers a full package of infrastructure planning, implementation and support services, as well as a complete set of software development and quality assurance work
  • We embrace a problem-solving attitude focused on customer business results
  • Our DevOps engineers take a personal approach to each customer, including deep immersion in customer business and technical needs
  • 98% returning customers
  • 5+ years in the IT business
  • 300+ successfully completed projects


Alexey Saltykov
Alexey Saltykov
Co-founder and CEO
Insureye inc.
We had a chance to work with Danavero while migrating our complete platform at to WordPress and reworking our infrastructure backbone. It was a fantastic experience working with the Danavero team. The team was very professional, and because of their truly agile approach, we were able to accomplish our project on-time. We appreciated daily touch points that allowed us to stay connected to the development and quickly resolve all the questions.
Monica Goyal
Monica Goyal
Founder, entrepreneur, lawyer and innovator
My legal briefcase
I would recommend Alex and his team at Danavero Inc. I very much appreciated having a project lead who kept the team on track and understood what I wanted and then had it implemented. He has a team of experienced and talented developers who can get things done quickly.
Matt Alston
Matt Alston
Mortgage Max
Working with Danavero to build our Mortgage Broker software was a great experience. They are dependable, detail oriented and have delivered high quality work on budget and on time. They focus on building real relationships with their clients.

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