Aeopsi (MVP for startup)

Canada, FinTech
UX/UI Design, Drupal, Java, Stellar Blockchain

Customer: Aeopsi is a digital wallet that allows people to work with their own currency in their community, as well as standard currencies like USD or Euro. Aeopsi helps to create sustainability within your community or startup using dashboard simplicity that monetizes the trust that already exists from within.

Сhallenge: The customer applied to Danavero with a request to develop a platform that includes social network features integrated with blockchain technologies. The platform allows users to create closed virtual communities, forums, and agile boards for united activities. It also provides the possibility of emission of internal cryptocurrency and the system of mutual settlements.

Results: Based on customer request, the Danavero team, together with the customer, developed technical specifications of future platforms that included all necessary scope of work with needed technological stack, UI/UX design, and front end and back end development. Based on an agreed technical plan, Danavero developed and installed Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the customer.

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