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What is professional SEO? SEO stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of using keywords and phrases to improve search engine results. It is the most progressive way of connecting customers to your business and creating online conversions. Our professional SEO optimization service not only finds your ideal keywords, it ensures they are properly deployed to achieve maximum results.

We go above and beyond with link building, on-page and off-page SEO, and customized strategies to ensure you get the results you need – now and far into the future. If you have been wondering, “Where can I find an SEO company near me?” your search is over. Welcome to Danavero.

Our SEO Services Process

It’s time to grow your business with expert SEO services and achieve success in your industry, thanks to a proven optimization strategy from a professional SEO services agency. Here is how we ensure your success:


There is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Your business is unique, and so are your optimization needs. We start our SEO service by learning about your company, your industry, your competitors, your existing content, and your current and future needs. From there, we create a strategy for long-term success and higher Google rankings. Our research and analysis covers more than 100 critical factors.


With a full understanding of your needs, we move forward to the optimization phase. This step of our SEO service involves hundreds of factors, large and small, that work cohesively together to increase the speed and function of your website. It’s not just the visible factors that we optimize. Expect stronger titles, better meta descriptions, and a solid website framework as part of this step.

Link Building and Off Page SEO

Part of any successful SEO strategy is link building and off-page SEO, including viral marketing campaigns, your links in the press and on other blog sites, and promotion of your content across digital media. Our experience as an SEO company and our extensive network mean we have external outlets for your content across every industry.

Keyword Selection

The basis of a successful strategy is leveraging the right keywords and understanding how the impact of those keywords may change over time. We research, analyze, and select the keywords that will drive traffic to your website, and we also track and report on each keyword’s effectiveness, enabling a nimble strategy that can be adjusted to your market with remarkable speed.

Creation of Content

This is one of the most vital parts of your website, as it is the customer-facing component that helps create conversions, educates clients about your industry expertise, and describes your products and services. We work with professional copywriters to provide top-quality content that works with all aspects of your SEO strategy.

Test, Review, Launch

Our affordable SEO services extend far beyond the work we do on your website and link building. We do not go live until we have thoroughly tested your site, reviewed the test results, and are 100% confident in a seamless, effective launch. Once your site is open to the public, we immediately start tracking your SEO results, analyzing how fast your site is climbing in the rankings, adjusting your keyword strategy, if necessary, and ensuring the site continues to gain momentum at or above the anticipated rate.

Our SEO Services


SEO involves research, analysis, and recommendations for main website statistics and niche traffic segments. This may be a good choice for websites that have problems with search engine visibility or are wanting to know more about their niche, audience, and competitors.

SEO Audits

Audits identify opportunities and issues. We examine technical on-page and off-page elements from your resources and your competitors’. Afterwards, we provide a report that identifies main issues and describes key rules for further development of your online business.

On-Page Optimization

If you have never done SEO activity before, this option is a must-have opportunity for you. Good on-page optimization is the first step in creating a great online resource. Google and other search engines pay great attention to website quality, and we can help you to improve your site. This activity includes researching, planning, and implementing on-page optimization for your website. It involves work with content, meta titles, and internal linking.

Keyword Research/Organic Search

You always need to know what people are looking for in your online business niche. You will get a full keyword research service for your niche that includes collecting, filtering, and clustering all your keywords into a big datasheet.

Content Campaigns Development and Management

Planning on-page and off-page content campaigns is key for successful SEO campaigns. We provide a wide list of topics and content ideas, seasonal events, and potential audience resources listings. Our services also include content creation, outreach, and content placement.

SEO Strategy Development and/or Implementation

This involves developing and implementing an SEO strategy. Besides your content strategy, we can develop campaigns for search engine advertisement, targeted at increasing your website’s positioning in search engine results pages.

Link Building Services

If you have created your SEO strategy by yourself, but got stuck building quality and organic links to your resource, we can help. This service includes building links to your landing pages and providing social signals and brand citations.

Reputation Management

The internet audience can be your best lead generating tool or become a big pain for your online reputation. Our reputation management service will help you to present yourself in the right way. We can identify the main sources of negative influence and develop a strategy to reduce their impact.

SEO Off Page Factors

Getting to the first page of Google search engine results is achieved by your SEO agency optimizing both on-page and off-page content. This includes link building strategies such as links in your content that connect to reputable sites and putting your own guest blogs and articles on other sites (with links back to your website).


Alexey Saltykov
Alexey Saltykov
Co-founder and CEO
Insureye inc.
We had a chance to work with Danavero while migrating our complete platform at to WordPress and reworking our infrastructure backbone. It was a fantastic experience working with the Danavero team. The team was very professional, and because of their truly agile approach, we were able to accomplish our project on-time. We appreciated daily touch points that allowed us to stay connected to the development and quickly resolve all the questions.
Monica Goyal
Monica Goyal
Founder, entrepreneur, lawyer and innovator
My legal briefcase
I would recommend Alex and his team at Danavero Inc. I very much appreciated having a project lead who kept the team on track and understood what I wanted and then had it implemented. He has a team of experienced and talented developers who can get things done quickly.
Matt Alston
Matt Alston
Mortgage Max
Working with Danavero to build our Mortgage Broker software was a great experience. They are dependable, detail oriented and have delivered high quality work on budget and on time. They focus on building real relationships with their clients.

Why Choose Danavero

Danavero Inc. is working as an extension of the customer's own team.

Danavero Inc. adopts all business/management processes requested by the customer. In a case where the customer does not have a business/management process in place, Danavero Inc. will happily assist the customer in implementing the true Agile process (SCRUM), including giving access to the online Agile Board and other supporting tools (JIRA or Redmine).

Danavero Inc. provides sufficient resources to help the customer handle their backlog of issues related to implementing new features and maintaining their software project.

If required, Danavero Inc. provides the customer with supporting staff (QA engineers, Project Coordinator, System/Support Engineers).

Danavero Inc. is capable of quickly (within 1-3 weeks) scaling-up the development team allocated to the customer if such a need arises.


Danavero Inc. does not expect the customer to provide fixed, predefined project specifications and is ready to work with the customer on an ongoing basis if requirements are changing over time. Furthermore, given our experience, Danavero Inc. would like to offer its help in defining new features and requirements to the project, making sure that all new features precisely address the customer’s business needs.

Danavero Inc. offers the customer monitoring access to our billing and reporting system to allow full transparency on the billing process. The customer is able to monitor the progress of all tasks performed within the scope of their project, as well as ensure efficient spending of the allocated budget.

The Danavero Inc. team is very highly skilled and motivated. Our turnover rate in the last 3 years was 0.8%.

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