Important of Mobile Apps Development for All Types of Businesses

5 min to read 12.01.2020
Importance of Mobile Apps Development for All Types of Businesses

Smartphones coupled with mobile apps has become the way of life for most people of the world. From ordering food to booking vacation tickets, mobile apps have transformed lives for good. And not to mention that the eminent success of business applications have also taken the financial community by storm.

The widespread access to high-speed internet along with easy availability of smart devices, have forced businesses to up their game and build mobile applications for businesses.
Apps have become a prominent form of digital interaction between consumers and businesses. Regardless of the type of business, apps for your business can propel business growth. But how? Well, that's the answer we are going to figure out here. Go on, give it a read and take a closer look at what is mobile app and how it’s revolutionizing the business world.

How Mobile Applications Help Businesses?

Every business needs are different and building mobile apps would help address it better. But, before jumping the gun, it’s essential to understand the most pertinent question - why mobile applications are important for business?

To elaborate business mobile app development is an effective way to boost sales. With a well-thought-out reward system in place, myriad notifications, and conversations about the business, social media has the power to engage customers.

The apps for your business give customers a platform to interact with the business on their schedule. Statistics reveal that push notifications have a higher open rate than emails and sometimes it can max out to even 90%.

Additionally, mobile applications for business help cement a loyal relationship between the business and consumers. However, it’s just not sales, application features are also likely to increase efficiency.

How Mobile Apps can be Beneficial for All Types Business?

Irrespective of the size of the business, every business is focused to build their own best mobile apps for businesses to reap benefits. So, let’s take a deep dive into how business applications can prove to be advantageous. 

Increases Business Exposure

The use of smartphones has peaked with individuals spending over 162 minutes on different business mobile apps, which makes it the right time for business to be online. This would help them to grab user attention, and help them grow loyal consumer base. A mobile application for your business will not only increase your brand visibility but also promote your business growth.

Get the Loyalty

Business Mobile apps open up the door for businesses to have more interaction with users and communicate with them directly via the ads, promotions, notifications, etc. that only increases customer loyalty.

Boost Sales

Many examples show that business mobile apps have the power to increase the sales by leaps and bounds. One such instance is the UK's Domino's Pizza that increased its sales by over 28 percent after the release of its mobile app for the customers. It also helps if your mobile app is integrated with social media sites and important apps to have for wider marketing coverage.

Source of Valuable Data

With a single app from the list of important apps to have, businesses get to make use of all the information about their customers' preferences, shopping patterns, behavioral patterns, etc. This enables businesses to make important sales and product decisions based on accumulated data points to align the business on the lines of customer interests and demand.

Benefits of Mobile Applications for Customers

As much as a business mobile app development helps you achieve better business goals, this also equally benefits the customers. With easy access to the application through a smartphone, users can engage with the business on the go and also start trusting the business.

If a business enables support in the app, it potentially helps customers resolve their grievances in no time. Moreover, the business use of mobile apps also helps the users understand the brand it is interacting with and be aware of it.

Trends in Mobile Business Application Development

The business mobile app development industry is constantly evolving. Other than just market demand, many factors like technology advancements and ongoing pandemic have a direct impact on the trends of the mobile app in 2020. So, for businesses that wish to stay ahead of the technological curve, they need to ramp up their game.

Internet of Things (IoT)

From adjusting room temperature remotely to unlocking your front door, smart things are here among us in some form or the other. Most people are now accustomed to the idea of improving their lives with technology. IoT or ‘smart things’ is basically a network of devices, connected to the internet that is meant to provide automated control or services to people.
And if we look at the statistics, the global Internet of Things market is only going to grow steadily in the upcoming years and is expected to reach a whopping $194 billion in 2020. Thus, this number is only going to increase with self-drive cars, smart homes, and much more.

Beacons – the Booming Market

Beacons are not really the new technology on the block and have been overtly used in museums, hotels, and showrooms. The true potential of this technology is yet to be unraveled, but according to experts, Beacons technology is sure to grow. The best-known use case of Beacons is when combined with IoT in retail where users get to know valuable information regarding sales, promotions, etc. as they find it within their vicinity.

Cloud – the Future of Mobile Apps

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the potential of cloud computing. With most of the world locked in their homes, working from home is the only sustainable option. It not only cuts down the costs in hosting, but also improves loading capacity, and streamlines business operations.

Cloud computing is one of the best ways to solve security-related concerns which eventually makes business mobile apps more secure, fast, and reliable. Now, cloud technology such as Dropbox, AWS, SlideRocket, makes running powerful apps a possibility.

Just like its predecessor, the much-hyped 5G Network is touted to revolutionize the world. It’s meant to provide enormous benefits in terms of spectrum and speed. 5G usage will enhance mobile app functionality. It will also be instrumental in transforming technologies such as augmented reality, Data security, etc.

Mobile applications are undergoing the same phase as the websites did prior to its stagnancy and now we know why mobile applications are important to us.  Plus, with the development industry booming and continuously flourishing, it all the more makes sense that mobile applications will help businesses scale new height.


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