Most Common Web Development Mistakes To Hurt Your Budget

5 min to read 12.09.2020
Common Web Development Mistakes

So you have a great business idea and are looking for the right development company. While you probably already know what the software development stages are, we decided to list the most common mistakes web developers conduct in their projects.
By other's faults, wise men correct their own.
So what are the main pitfalls?

Rules to Keep Your Spendings Neat

What do we mean by common web development mistakes?
Of course, there are common denominators that make a descent development process. Usually, it is a user-friendly design, smart project management, highly-skilled developers and great communication within the team.

Though, it’s often seen that business owners tend to cut the development cost by removing some things that don’t look important at first glance. Or maybe they are so focused on their project vision so they completely ignore general development rules. It can happen while doing the web development of something you are passionate about. It gets overwhelming.
So we offer you to learn from other’s mistakes.

Web Development Mistake #1: Cumbersome Design

The best design decision you can make is to portray the most valuable business’ information. First, a website visitor must understand who you are and what you do. Original design, smart website navigation and overall eye-candy are secondary. Don’t ever sacrifice the clarity of your business positioning for the sake of quirky design.
To sum up, the design rules are:

  • Not too much going on. Keep your message simple;
  • Not too little going on. So make sure to include all the key information;
  • Not too confusing. Follow the best User Experience practices.

Otherwise short after developing an original, but confusing web product you’ll realize you gotta redo it all over again since you aren’t attracting as many customers as you’d like. 

Web Development Mistake #2: Using All-in-One Website Builder Solutions

There are different types of developers on the market. Modern website builders’ solutions offer you to even become one by using their intuitive tools. And it’s awesome if you want to have a simple website that will serve you as a business card.

Though if you want to develop something more complicated than a business listing we recommend avoiding being tempted by simplicity and possibly a low-price of creating a web builder software. And we are saying this not because our company is proud of having top web developers in our team and bragging about our custom development skills. As one of the top development companies, we know what’s the price of having pre-set design solutions and how website builders are made.

Each design solution contains multiple lines of the backend code. So each design element affects the page load time. And as more complex functionality you include, as higher is the risk of impacting critical functionality.

If you don’t have enough budget to afford to hire top developers at the moment, consider the following alternative:

  1. Use a Content Management System. They offer a variety of themes and hosting for your website. Also, you can easily transform your WordPress website into a highly-functional custom product. Like, here is an example of a web developer tutorial on how to do that.
  2. Purchase a template from platforms like Themeforest or Envato. They offer a variety of responsive cross-platform templates for every taste. You’ll only need to add content to the purchased template and, well, launch the website.

Web Development Mistake #3: Ignoring SEO Practices

Often SEO is perceived as something you should be doing at the end of your development process. Of course, the best development agency will make sure you are covering SEO from the very beginning of your project.

Besides, it’s not enough to engage one of the top developers and expect him to make sure your website is appearing in the top 3 search results.

While design and coding are essential for proper page indexing, SEO is about keeping up with dynamic search engine rules and constant trends tracking and practices analysis. It’s not enough to practice web development trends and keeping search engine optimization in mind. We highly recommend having a dedicated specialist to work on your SEO.

And in general, here is what makes great SEO:

  • Relevant content;
  • Wise choice of tags, keyword and meta-data, including image alt tags;
  • Well-planned site map;
  • Proper site architecture;
  • Fast pages load times;
  • Thoughtful backlinking and a lot more.

Feel free to read our article on the latest SEO trends to include in your new and existing products.

And Here Are Some Rookie Development Mistakes to Avoid

Relying on Bootstrap

Among all the types of web developers, some coders try replacing CSS and responsive design techniques with Bootstrap. Bootstrap can affect website performance, and it rather enhances CSS and doesn’t replace it.

Relying on Javascript libraries

Angular, Vue, React – among others, these frameworks are trending right now. While this knowledge definitely enhances your skills and helps you to scale your professional level, top development companies will require a solid knowledge of Javascript itself.

It makes perfect sense. Without knowing the basics, you won’t be able to understand and use full-range of functionality offered by these awesome frameworks.

Ignoring semantic HTML

While writing a code, you gotta keep in mind that it should be understandable to every other person involved in the project. Best web development companies in USA and overseas are interested in team players and want to be sure you are willing to make an effort while creating your HTML.

Semantic HTML is important in:

  • SEO;
  • Web accessibility;
  • Website maintenance.

Besides that, you gotta keep up with recent development trends and stay competitive.

Now, Let’s Sum Up the Web Development Rules

We’ve tried listing the main web development mistakes both from the side of a business owner and a developer.

Often we get to excited to develop a new product and forget that data exists to help us and we probably can save some cost on learning from others’ mistakes. And feel free to contact us if you are looking for top web developers who are the experts in best development practices.

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