Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Mobile App Development

4 min to read 12.17.2020
Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting a Mobile App Development

The mobile app competition nowadays is huge. Mobile app development became relatively easy, especially with the growing popularity of Progressive Web Apps technology, and the chances of your app being unnoticed are quite high.
We recommend you to make sure that your mobile app development process is organized, has a great strategy and has a clear business goal in mind. So we decided to help you with doing so and reveal what are the important questions to ask yourself before launching your mobile app development.

Here Are The Seven Points To Clarify Before Starting Your Project

Define Your Customers & Learn About Your Competitors

What app should I make? Who will use it? Is there a similar app on the market? We promise that every great app started with those questions.

You gotta note & answer the following:

  • Define your target users and what is the problem you are solving for them;
  • Why does your target audience need a mobile app? Are they iOS or Android users?
  • How are the future users currently solving the problem your app will solve?
  • Are there existing competitors? How are they solving your future user problems?
  • What will be the competitive advantage of your app?

Before you learn how to build a mobile app you should understand why you are building it and, most importantly, for whom. This way you’ll boost your chances to become a leader in your niche when the app is ready.

How Will You Monetize Your App?

Your budget will play a key role in the software development process. It will influence the quality of mobile app development services you receive, the level of the mobile app development agency you hire, and, as a result, the technical complexity of the end app.

If you want to hire one of the top app development companies but have a limited budget, we recommend starting with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) development that will have enough features to make your app profitable at the early stage. In order to do so, you gotta come up with a neat financial plan.

Here are the questions to brainstorm your app monetization model:

  • What is your budget for design and development?
  • How will you monetize it? Will you charge for the download, will you partner with other businesses, or will you make money from the ads?

After you answer the questions above, you will have a clear understanding of how to create an app that is profitable from the very early stages of its operation.

Narrow The Functionality Of The App

Mobile app development companies always ask their customers to precisely describe the functionality of the app they want to develop. You don’t need to learn how to develop apps and become a tech guru in order to describe the functionality. We will help you to do so by answering the questions below:

  • Which features do you want to include in your app? Which features are essential for the MVP and what will functionality look like in 5 years?
  • Where are you planning to host the app?
  • Who will be in charge of the app’s support?
  • What are the features that will get users to use your app or buy from your app?

While building an app, you should also understand how its functionality benefits your end-users and what problem it is solving. This way after receiving the end result of the mobile app development software, you’ll have a profitable product your users enjoy. And if you'll want to add some new functions to your app it will be possible due to the agile software development process.

How Will You Promote The App?

Shortly after you launch your app you’ll understand that now you need to figure out how to build a mobile app that is popular. While you probably already defined your target audience, this is when you figure out how to reach it.
So, how to create an app that is visible and well-known?

  • How will your user find the app?
  • Once the app development is done, do you have a marketing plan for it to gain a competitive advantage?

Usually, the mobile app development companies can help you with the marketing and business side of the project too. So if you need such assistance, make sure you take it into an account when submitting the project documentation.

These are just some relevant, yet essential questions to ask yourself when launching the mobile app development. Building an app can seem overwhelming. Though if you did your homework or partnered with a professional mobile app development agency or both, you’ll enjoy every moment of your new business app development.


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