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Andriy Bibik

Chief Technology Officer

Andriy joined Danavero Inc. as one of the founders and brings his extensive technical knowledge and expertise to this venture. Andriy has more than 20 years of technical industrial experience in all aspects of software development. Throughout his career, Andriy has participated in different roles in a vast variety of projects and industries, including entertainment and games, to telecommunications and large enterprises. Andriy started his career in outsourcing in Kiev, Ukraine, gaining first-hand experience in the business. Later he moved to Dublin, Ireland where he worked for several large and mid-market enterprises. Finally, in Mississauga Canada, Andriy developed his own successful consulting business, which has been in operation for about 10 years.

Alexandr Kurbatov

Chief Executive Officer

Alexandr Kurbatov is the CEO of Danavero. Under his direction, Danavero continues to successfully grow and provide quality development services to a vast roster of customers worldwide.

Alexandr has worked in the IT industry for more than 20 years. The first project that launched his career included the development of a Swiss company, and started shortly after Alexandr obtained his Master of Science in Computer Science from Kiev Polytechnic University in 1995. Later on, Alexandr focused on perfecting internal IT services within the telecommunication industry in Ukraine and for international IT services.

Today, Alexandr drives Danavero’s team to succeed, supporting talents and increasing innovation. He continues to actively promote Danavero’s services in North America and Europe by leading engagements and promoting Danavero’s diverse global team of technology experts.